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  • "ProspectBlue proved to be a valuable resource to us in filling a human capital gap that we had over the summer. They provided us a stream of qualified candidates for a junior investment banking role in what was then a challenging hiring environment and was off bonus cycle for most of these analyst candidates. I can’t thank ProspectBlue enough for the work they did for us."
  • “The ProspectBlue team has consistently presented us with candidates that have the experience and skills required to excel in the position we are looking to fill and are also a great fit with our firm’s culture. “
  • “Let me just say, I  have NEVER worked for a company that has been as understanding and compassionate as you have been over the last two years. This pandemic hit the world hard and fast and you all made it much easier for us to journey through.”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for the quick turnaround providing temps for next week. You saved me from having to close one of my labs.”
  • “I recently had a position opening on my team and I knew finding the best candidate, who would be the right fit for us, was going to be a challenge. Through my network, I was referred to ProspectBlue. As soon as we connected, I was impressed with the strong candidate pool they were able to develop. The candidates had varied skills and experiences which is exactly what I requested and needed in order to find the right fit. We found that person and after six months on the job, she has elevated the role in ways we never thought could be done. As a result, we highly recommend partnering with ProspectBlue for all your hard to fill positions.”