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ProspectBlue offers diverse solutions for companies looking to hire exceptional talent. We are adaptable to suit your recruiting needs and can offer full-time or part-time assistance to manage all or part of your recruitment process. With our team of experts, we have built an organization that has the skills and expertise to assist you in achieving long-term success addressing your specific organizational needs.

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Whether you’re just starting out, in transition or in search of the next big step, ProspectBlue can plot a course for finding your ideal role. To view our current listings, visit our Careers page.

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The crux of any business is in its books. We provide accounting and finance solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We can secure interim or permanent placements for carefully selected, skilled professionals, from clerks to controllers, financial specialists and CFOs, filling roles that are critical to every company.


Provision, a division of ProspectBlue, offers two decades of experience recruiting every tier of personnel for hospitals, nursing homes, labs, dentists’ and doctors’ offices, or anywhere that caring, qualified healthcare staff is needed.


A premier recruiting company rooted in the Mid-Atlantic, we specialize in providing lawyers, paralegals and support staff to top firms throughout our region and beyond. We connect corporate clients with engaged, productive talent to fill a wide range of roles, from administrative support to in-house counsel and various leadership positions.


With ProspectBlue FLEX, we assist employers and job seekers who are embracing new, flexible work models. For full-time, part-time, remote or on-site work, we help clients win their best candidates, who win the coveted balance that comes with a flexible schedule. Learn more here.

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