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“Job Ghosting” Is on the Rise

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article stating that more new hires than ever before are simply not showing up for their first day on the job. According to the article,  “Manufacturers, restaurants, airlines and cleaning companies are among the employers seeing a surge of job seekers who accept positions — and are neither seen nor heard from again.”

Some industry insiders attribute the strong labor market to this lapse in professional etiquette.  When there are more job seekers than jobs available, candidates often don’t hear back from companies. The reverse is true when there are more jobs than qualified candidates. A younger, more inexperienced workforce is another possible explanation for the rise in job ghosting.  

How can you minimize ghosting in your business? Streamline your hiring process so it does not draw on for too long. The longer a job applicant has to wait to start a job, the greater chance that they may find something better. It is also important to stay in touch with candidates and keep the lines of communication open. ProspectBlue can help you eliminate unnecessary steps in your recruiting process to find the right people for the right jobs more quickly – and increase the likelihood they will be there on Day 1!