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We’re not just connecting employers and candidates, we’re looking for the most productive, rewarding scenarios for both. This year, we’ve seen that flexibility benefits companies as well as workers – and a lot of new research confirms it. Flexibility at work improves quality of life and job satisfaction. That boosts productivity, engagement and, ultimately, profitability. We’re here to help businesses find new and better ways to hire the best people for their teams, and to help candidates find career placements that suit their skills as well as their lifestyle needs. Win, win.

FLEX is a flexible term. It can mean flexible hours, part-time work, temporary work, remote work or, usually, some combination of those that works for all parties.

For candidates, FLEX jobs offer:

  • FLEXible schedules and work-life balance
  • FLEXible career transitions
  • FLEXible re-entry to the workplace after pausing to raise a family

For employers, FLEX jobs:

  • Save money. With part-time and remote work, companies avoid investing in the downtime built into full-time work, save on benefits and cut overhead costs, allowing them to spend when profit margins align.
  • Create trial periods. Contract hires can train and grow to become FT if the need and desire fit, without up-front investment.
  • Boost engagement. Workers are most committed to jobs that work for them. Many highly educated PT workers don’t need but want to work, so they can be counted on to be engaged and committed.

At ProspectBlue FLEX, we work creatively with employers and candidates to discover not only the “who” in a great match, but also the “how.”

Email us at flex@prospectblue.com or submit your application here.

flex certified

ProspectBlue is proud to announce that FLEX Certified programs are now available. These custom curated programs are designed to assist those who are re-entering the workforce. No matter your skill level, we will work with you to develop a plan and select vetted courses to help you qualify for whatever career is calling you. Email us at flex@prospectblue.com for additional information.

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