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The Medical Staffing division of ProspectBlue has been partnering with a national, corporate preventive healthcare provider for over 10 years. Traditionally, we have provided this client with nursing and administrative support at various banks, law firms and corporations during flu season. The Registered Nurses and support staff manage flu vaccination events, administer flu shots, and handle all related paperwork. Clinics are located in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky and are traditionally scheduled for late summer or early fall and run through the end of November.

When businesses began to shut down due to COVID-19 our partnership with the healthcare provider expanded and we began supporting their large-scale national events for COVID-19 testing and, later, vaccinations. ProspectBlue immediately expanded our recruiting efforts and provided resources for this massive effort to combat COVID-19 and its effect on businesses. Initially, the events were focused solely on wellness/temperature screenings. As we learned more about the virus, they grew to include COVID-19 testing and administration of the COVID-19 vaccination.
ProspectBlue is proud to support this healthcare provider and all of our clients and nurses in order to help the country stay safe and healthy. We are honored to be in a partnership with a company that is providing critical services to its clients.


RNs currently on our payroll
for the client


Hours our staff has worked
supporting COVID-19


Hours with client since April 2021 (grown from 3,502 hours when we started in March)
ProspectBlue has hired more than 3,000 RN’s throughout the country from March 2020 to present

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